Morning Habits to ensure a productive day

The way you start your morning..

The way you start your morning will decide how your entire day pans out.

Don't believe me? 

Imagine this: You get to bed late, your alarm goes off and you’re feeling gross and can barely get out of bed. OR, your kids run into your room and jump all over you waking up in a shock. NOT GOOD. Why? Because waking up without intentions and grounding only leads to stress and rushing around without being fully present in every task you have to do. So, here are five simple habits to consider to help your day start with ease and positivity (and yes, you can do it with kids! This is coming from a busy working mum of 3 kids under 5!).

  1. Wake up early  

Yes, you’ve heard this before. No it’s not a cliché! Waking up early allows you to start your morning before anyone in the house and gives you the opportunity to spend the first five minutes of your day to practise mindfulness as well as to plan out your goals for the day. Sound easy enough? We haven’t gotten to the good part yet! For the first 30 minutes of your morning, try not to touch your phone at all! This will help you stay centred and relaxed without triggering the ‘stress’ energy or succumbing to any ‘urgency’ to action something. Always remember it’s quality over quantity.

  1. Make your bed

Accomplishing a task first thing in the morning like making your bed is teaching your brain to focus and get into the right program of ‘accomplishing’ something in your day. Perhaps it seems trivial, but it’s definitely a great habit to get into first thing in the morning.

  1. Drink Lemon Water with Lukewarm water

Healthy habits are just as important as mental habits. Starting your day with a healthy cleanse will help improve digestion, boost metabolism and help in maintaining the Ph balance of your body. When you feel good your mood improves and this is a major player in your productivity.

  1. Stretch spend 5-10 minutes doing some back massages and flow poses

The importance of stretching every morning cannot be overstated. It will help improve mobility, strengthen your body and awaken your mind. It always leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to start the day, showing up as the ‘best version’ of myself and setting my mood for the entire day.

  1. Getting ready on your own

I love to play some morning meditation to really embrace the moment, and then? It’s GO TIME! By now the whole house is probably awake and guess what? You’re calm and ready to tackle your day.

When you clock on to ‘work the dream’ your first couple of hours are your most productive. Having this morning routine will help your day flow, when you get to the office/work from home, you will work on your top 3 priorities and focus on those points ONLY. Quality over quantity before anything else.

Give yourself a 21 day challenge to try this consistently and see how much more energy you will have. I guarantee your productivity will go through the roof!

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