mastering social media

"I love spending all my waking hours writing personality-plus social media content that gets exactly 3 sympathy likes, 1 comment (from a man in a distant land telling me how beautiful I am/ from my mum checking in) and zero sales.”

Said no Entrepreneur, Business Owner or Marketing Manager EVER!! Checking your phone  last thing at night and first thing in the morning, waiting for that next sale to magically appear after your Sunday night social media sling-fest is not quite what you had in mind  when you started your business, eh?

There’s no easy way to break this to you… those stunning summer-filter Instagram shots that you  slapped onto your socials without a purpose or a plan are not going to build your brand... or your bank account.

But you know that’s not the worst of it...

• You’ve forked out thousands of dollars in mini courses on various social media platforms thinking, “THIS is the missing piece!” But again, your efforts are outweighing your results.

• You’ve been watching your competitors smashing it on social media, launching this offer after that offer to an audience of raving fans who seem to like and comment on everything - yep even those annoying animal pictures! (Why don’t those cute animal pics work for your business, right?)

• And you SO badly want to know the secret to slaying it on social media - without the burnout - because sometimes you can’t sleep, thinking of all the things on your to-do list that aren’t being done the longer social media keeps sucking the life out of you. can't seem to find a reliable blueprint or pinpoint how to make social media work for YOU.

A simple & streamlined approach to social media (that actually works!) is within reach.

• You’re tired of second-guessing what you should be posting on which social media platform, and when. Am I writing content people care about? Is this the right time to post? Am I ever going to get a return on my effort?

• You’ve spent hours learning more than you wanted to know about how your favourite influencer is winning with social media - when all you really need to know was how to get social media working for YOU.

• Plus, you don’t have time for hitting publish and ‘hoping for the best’.  It’s not like you don’t know what you’re doing in business. You’ve been in the game long enough to  KNOW your superpowers can change the lives of so many people ... you just need to know how to find them - and compel them to buy your stuff - consistently!

You’re ready to be perceived as the Industry Leader you know you can be.

Imagine finally being able to relax, knowing that your big ideas and brand are going to reach and resonate with your kind of people, building brand awareness, and making money on autopilot.

You’d be able to wake up to payment bleeps in your account because you’d finally have a strategy and a system that freed you up to be able to focus on the things you’re good at in business and in life!

There are 3.96 Billion active Social Media users around the world, waiting for you and your offer to appear on their feed.

Yep, you heard right - billion!

And with each user spending an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per day multi-networking across an average of 8 social networks and messaging apps, it’s so important that you know your way around various platforms. You deserve a piece of that social media sales pie! And I’m going to show you how.


mastering social media

The most comprehensive Social Media program to help you show up purposefully and profitably on social media in just 6 weeks.

This is the exact process I have used to help more than 60+ clients, including $200 million+ Beauty Brand in the past five years..

Mastering Social Media is made up of 6-modules of multiple workbooks, multiple video explanations, weekly live videos plus an exclusive support community of Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Marketing Staff just like you, who want to streamline and solidify their social media presence, too. And the best part...we work as a team to cheer each other on!


Mastering Facebook


Mastering Instagram


Mastering Facebook Ads


Mastering Influencer Marketing


Mastering Pinterest


Mastering Your Social Media Strategy


Learning Modules

A comprehensive Social Media marketing training program, which will show you how to turn all the major social networks into your most powerful sales tools in the palm of your hand. We are giving you the exact, proven, client-winning strategies we have only ever shared with our Agency VIP clients and at exclusive events.

Video Tutorials

Weekly LIVE Masterclasses and take-action challenges to keep you motivated and accountable for new levels of success.

Industry Connections

A supportive online community - You will be able to connect with other Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Marketing Managers so you stay motivated and accountable both DURING and AFTER the program.

Online Community

Resource Library - Applying what you learn in real time - with feedback - is the fastest way to master what you learn. You get access to an online learning hub of resources, challenges, video tutorials and templates that you can revisit any time you need a reminder or motivation - no time limits!


Here’s an overview of whatyou’ll be mastering in no time

Module One:
Mastering Facebook

module outline

Module Two:
Mastering Instagram

module outline

Module Three: Mastering Influencer Marketing

module outline

Module Four: Mastering Facebook Ads

module outline

Module Five: Mastering Pinterest

module outline

Module Six: Mastering Your Social Media Strategy

module outline

How does it work?

Here's The Process:

Step 1

Stop Being A Slave
To Social Media!

You smash that  BUY NOW button -  like now - and we email over your login details for instant access to our Learning Hub of resources. You schmoozy on over to our Facebook Community and get acquainted with like-minded Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Marketing Managers who are on a similar mission to you!

Step 2

Let’s Master This Beast!
We kick off the course with a Live Masterclass and then focus intensively on each of the major Social Media platforms each week, revealing proven success secrets for how you can have a holistic approach to creating a purposeful and profitable social media presence.

Step 3

Hello New Leader!
You use our templates, tools and tricks to take massive action during the program and seek feedback from Bojana and your peers.  We keep each other accountable and cheer each other on as you elevate your brand and bust open the glass ceiling of your impact and income potential.

live coaching

Every week, we will be guiding you through each module during a LIVE coaching session. We'll hold your hand and walk you through EACH major Social Media Platform, broken down in step-by-step strategies that you will be implementing as we go.

You will master your brand new social media strategy, along with other like-minded go-getters. You will be able to share your strategy and we’ll offer our professional guidance.You will launch a Facebook

Ad CAMPAIGN with our full guidance
You will create content and share in our GROUP and with your community  
We will build a strategy and strong foundation for your brand TOGETHER

What’s the cost of NOT Mastering Social Media?

Sure, you could keep going the way you have been - winging your social media, dabbling in multiple platforms, listening to multiple gurus, and praying that your ad hoc posts will stick.

But you’re only ever going to get the same mixed results you’ve been getting (or not getting!).

Or, you could spend thousands of dollars a month hiring a marketing agency, which may get you some results, provided you break even.  And let’s not even mention the paid advertising that you’ve  tried in the past that barely paid for itself - let alone made you money!

Or... you could move beyond getting a few sporadic likes and comments to making an authentic impact - with the income to match - with a comprehensive training program that gives you simple, proven processes for repeatable results.

Swipe the step-by-step social media system that hundreds of businesses have used to leverage their brands and blow up their bank accounts.

Ready to build a purposeful and profitable Social Media presence?

What's Your investment?


Weekly live support and coaching through the duration of the course with LIVES to help mentor and guide you through each module to ensure are executing your learnings as we go.

The full value of what you are getting is worth more than $8,500. But because you’re lucky to see this beta sale, you’re only going to pay $695 AUD today.

One-time Payment of $695 AUD

Or Payment Plans available.

Mastering Social Media
Commencing in:





Because you’re getting the ONE TIME ONLY Beta offer, instead of paying the $8,500 we plan to charge for this course, you will get this 6-week course at a huge 467% off.

So if you buy today, you will only pay $695 AUD.

Plus, as a Founding Member, you will get to influence the content and get exactly what you need when you need it  to succeed with social media.

This is a one time offer.  You will never see this program again at this price - so if you miss this, that’s it.

Ready to post with purpose?

WHO'S THIS social media BELLE?

I’m Bojana, and I teach entrepreneurs like you how to use social media successfully to post purposefully and profitability.  And yes, I love pretty things. But I’m also about taking inspired action and supporting yourself with a simple and sustainable strategy that works.

I’m drawing back the curtain on over 10 years of Industry experience in Marketing and owning my own  Social Media Agency, so you can learn the exact steps to build your brand and blow up your bank account.

I couldn’t find a course on the market that comprehensively  walks you through how to master each of the major Social Media platforms separately and then shows you how to have a holistic approach to leverage your brand and business.

So I created it!

Super Important: This is the only course of it’s kind in the industry, complete with templates, video tutorials, community and LIVE coaching to help you master making an impact and an income on social media.

Want to move from social media burnout to bringing in the big bucks consistently?

Before you on, there’s something else you NEED to know about me and my PURPOSE. It’s far greater than sharing my ‘genius zone’ with you all. It’s really about making a difference and giving our next generation the opportunities, wisdom and freedom they need to live their full potential. This is WHY I have partnered with School Plus to donate 10% of ALL OUR SALES to them, helping struggling school around Australia.

‘Purpose is everything in life. Find it, pursue it, give it to others. This is my purpose, giving back to all of you.’
- Bojana, Founder of Popular With Purpose